Copia - Solving the World’s Dumbest Problem: Hunger

Everyday in America, we waste 3X more food than it would take to feed every hungry mouth in the country. The truth is: hunger is not a scarcity problem, it's a logistics problem. Copia -- and its technology platform -- solves the complexity of redistributing excess food. We help businesses and events minimize waste, while maximizing savings and impact.

Armed with custom software, our Food Heroes take the headache out of giving excess food away for businesses and event organizers. At our core, we are a technology and logistics company rather than a food recovery company. We help businesses save time, reduce disposal costs, and benefit from tax deductions in a way that’s easy, reliable, and safe while also giving underemployed people meaningful work. We’re tackling some of the most difficult logistical challenges that come with on-demand food recovery and delivery.

Who we are & What we're looking for

For those of you who are passionate, have hustle, are resilient beyond belief, and believe in doing good while doing well, we'd love it if you applied.

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